Cheater Racing is proud to introduce our own twist on the 'lower' front wing mount.  Made from  a flexible 3d printed material, the mount is a perfect balance of flex for durability and rigidness for performance.  Fits B6, B6D, and B5M

Cheater Dauber

Easily apply sauce with the Cheater Dauber!

Conveniently screws onto your existing Cheater Sauce bottles after removing the dropper that comes with the bottles normally.  To top it all off, use the included sticker sheet to color code the lid to match the rest of your Cheater Sauce collection! 

(White = Original, Red + Extreme)

Cheater Locker

​Combine the benefits of both Cheater Wash and Cheater Sauce for ultimate traction.

  1. Dilute Cheater Wash in your tire wash bucket, wash tire as usual.  Dry completely.
  2. Apply Cheater Sauce approximately 15-20 minutes before your race.
  3. Allow to dry almost completely before running.
  4. After your race, repeat the process.  Note that Cheater Wash may give enough traction in some situations, where saucing is not needed.

If at any time you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase, simply get in touch with us and we'll make it right. Your satisfaction is our primary concern.

Cheater Wash brings you a 2 in 1 formula that both cleans and conditions your tires.  Doubles as an all purpose cleaner for stuck on dirt on your equipment.  Also gives bodies and wings a nice shine!

6 oz. bottle (concentrated)


Cheater Sauce is a specially formulated, race proven tire sauce that conditions your tires for consistent, increased traction.  Cheater Sauce was formulated to minimize tire wear while maximizing traction.  

4 oz. bottle (with dispenser)

CheaterSauce Original

Nitro Wash was specifically designed for the tough grime found on nitro and outdoor cars.  Simply spray onto car, body, or tires and watch as Nitro Wash melts away the dirt.  Then blow off or wash with water for a clean car with that new car shine!

6 oz. bottle (concentrated)

(Makes 32oz Spray Bottle)


CR Front Wing Mount

Cheater Sauce Extreme is specially formulated to provide extra traction in low grip situations as well as assist in the tire break-in process.  Can be used as a tuning option for a little more traction alongside the original.

4 oz. bottle (with dispenser)

2-step tire treatment

Our Commitment


Eliminate the competition with the Cheater Racing Slipper Eliminator.  One of the lightest options on the market and one of the most simple.  Fits all Schelle and AVID Spur gears (48p and 64p)

Includes back plate and front plate.  All that is additinally required is a gear and a nut. (No spring, plates, or pads)

Weighs ~1.5g